"Apples and BREAKS"
Episode 23
Description He was a good friend to me. He was a DAMN GOOD FRIEND.
Release Date Feb 25, 2011
Length 1:12
Link Apples and BREAKS
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(From Reddit) It starts out with the Jontron intro, then shortly the colors invert and the music slows down. It cuts to a sad Jon, followed by Jon recording with a hand camera, filming his broken DS in his bed, and in a half crying voice says something like "I...I left it in the bed, and...I...I BROKE THE SCREEEN..." (He also illustrates it with editing) and then Jacques says something I can't remember, and then he has a short grayscale montage devoted to the DS


  • Many fans call this one of the "lost" JonTron episodes.
  • It was finally found on January 22, 2015 by YouTube channel ficha13. You could see it via this link as well as other mirrors. Link: